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Food Safety & Quality Analysis
for All Your Production
in Real-Time

Problems with current
food safety & quality
analysis methods


For every batch, only few
samples can be tested


Waiting for the results
can take hours & days


Scientists, labs, and
chemicals are needed

This contributes to some the major challenges related to the food industry

Image by Joshua Hoehne

Food Waste

1/3 of global food production gets wasted every year

Image by Jp Valery

Lost Money

On lost products & damaged reputation

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Recalls and food borne illnesses

600 million people suffer foodborne illnesses every year

Our solution combines artificial intelligence with advanced imaging technologies

Analyze entire production

Don't let anything get unnoticed and analyze 100% of your production in the production line


Save time and get actionable insights on the safety and quality of your products in real time

No Contact to the Food

No chemical & no sample preparation needed

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We are running a limited number of pilot projects. 

Contact us for more details!

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